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EDU (short for Eduardo)

EDU is a great guy!

He is your lead, your candidate, your student, and your alumni.  
He helps you see things from his perspective. 
You will understand why things matter to him. 
On this blog, he will pose questions to which you hopefully have answers
  - or we help you to find them!

Change Perspectives!

Help Me Choose!

I'm beyond confused... For months now, I have been researching courses that support my next career moves. I've heard...

Too old for an MBA?

Again! This is my 4th application for an MBA program and another rejection. What's happening? I'm running out of...

'How did you hear about us?'

I got this question in all my interviews for my MBA. It seems like somebody prescribed this phrase as mandatory....

I go for online!

Another long conversation with a friend of mine...She is currently enrolled in an MBA program in Europe and she is...

Who to choose?

Walking helps me think before making a big commitment. I reached out to several universities and my inbox is flooded...

Money, Money, Money

Cool! My university just paid me 300 USD for referring a friend of mine. He did all the research and found the...