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EDU (short for Eduardo)

EDU is a great guy!

He is your lead, your candidate, your student, and your alumni.  
He helps you see things from his perspective. 
You will understand why things matter to him. 
On this blog, he will pose questions to which you hopefully have answers
  - or we help you to find them!

Change Perspectives!

Isn't this BIAS?

For people who know me, they describe me as humble and diplomatic. I'm usually calm, and it's hard to get me emotional....

Application? Check!

Wow, this was easy! A lot of my friends scared me. They were stressed with their applications, essay questions, and...

Shall I care about personalization?

I'm not good at taking decisions. But my recent experience with THE university made the decision very easy for me. I...

Shall I care about rankings?

Since I became interested in studying for my next degree, I have received a lot of news from universities about their...

Why are Admissions Processes so boring?

"Edu, short for Eduardo, is looking to apply for his MBA next year. Friends told him about rankings, and he had a look...

I almost decided on the wrong degree!

Edu's friend Edurne wants to grow professionally. She has a sales role in an edTech startup. She is happy but wants to...