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Creating successful universities!

eduALTO helps Higher Education Institutions to create successful processes to achieve sustainable growth.


Loops for Success

Success is not a straight line. For academic institutions, it’s the continued engagement of the entire community. It’s the creation of loops that have a compounding impact on your institution's growth. We help HEIs strategically approach and optimize these loops for success. For this, eduALTO:

  • offers consulting services
  • conducts a series of customizable workshops: SUCCESS Workshops
  • provides sophisticated partner solutions through the curated marketplace LOUNGE

SUCCESS Workshops

SUCCESS workshops cover the following areas: 


  • Reputation Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Internationalization


  • Student Recruitment
  • Admissions / Enrolment


  • Student Experience
  • Alumni & Careers
July 2022

“Inspiring and an eye-opener”

Dean at Manila Central University

LOUNGE Standard 2


A curated marketplace for sophisticated solutions for Higher Education Institutions: 

  • Institutional Success (Reputation Management)
  • Lead Success (Student Recruitment)
  • Candidate Success (Admissions Process Optimization)
  • Student Success (Student Experience)
  • Graduate Success (Alumni & Careers)

Why eduALTO

Explore what makes us unique...


The Future is Asian

Rooted in Asia, we are in the heart of where global growth is happening over the next decades. Expect an exponential rise in the middle class and strong demand for higher education as well as a set of fresh solutions for the industry. In short, this is the place you want to be connected to! Find out more in INSIGHTS ASIA

Collaboration Board-1


50+ years of combined experience in the higher education industry including 30+ years in Asia create a lot of insights, learnings, and ideas to improve lives through education. Find out more in TEAM


Passion & Vision

We are passionate about what we are doing. We are living and breathing HigherEd. So much so that we don't stop at the strategic planning, your action plan but help you execute. At the same time, we watch trends and the pulse of your clients. Check out EDUARDO for Passion and 2040 for Vision

Our Latest Blog Post

Edu is a great guy! He is your lead, your candidate, your student, and your alumni. He helps you see things from his perspective. You will understand why things matter to him. On this blog, he will pose questions to which you hopefully have answers - or we help you to find them!