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Chill and connect the dots.

A lounge is a place where people relax and have meaningful conversations. People are curious, open-minded, and thrilled to learn new things. They are always on the lookout for new approaches to connect their dots.

With this ambiance in mind, we welcome you to eduALTO Lounge, a curated marketplace of sophisticated solutions for higher education institutions.

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Institutional Success

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Lead & Candidate Success

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Student & Graduate Success

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Institutional Success | Upskilling

What? GrowthShops provide learning opportunities for teams involved in student recruitment, admissions, and marketing as well as strategic stakeholders involved in institutional development.

Why? eduALTO likes these workshops as few institutions create structured training around these topics and enable a platform for discussion.

Institutional Success | HigherEd Strategy

What? CONNECTed is a micro-MBA program on edTech and Higher Education Strategy. The 8-week course covers in 8 modules the latest trends in higher education.

Why? eduALTO likes this course Dirk graduated from this program. Delivered by industry experts, it provides an opportunity to get connected to the ones who are driving change in the industry and build amazing networks of like-minded professionals.

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Institutional Success | Reputation Management

What? AppliedHE provides reputation management services through rankings and ratings focused on employability, industry collaboration, social impact, and quality of teaching.

Why? eduALTO likes this service because it provides an alternative to established evaluation services catered towards well-managed though more local or regionally focussed institutions.

Institutional Success | Reputation Management

What? EDUopinions is a digital platform that provides verified student reviews of universities around the world. HEIs can manage and comment on these reviews while enjoying an enhanced profile.

Why? eduALTO likes this service because peer-to-peer reviews among students are on the rise and create a cost-effective way to attract new students.

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Lead Success | Student Recruitment

What? GRAD+ created one of the few global institution-agnostic alumni networks for overseas graduates. It focuses on career progression and further education opportunities.

Why? eduALTO likes this service because it allows you to tap on a global lead pool beyond established social media platforms. It's a great way to find candidates for Specialized Master's and short courses. [eduALTO Tip: it performs best if you combine both!]

Candidate Success | Admissions Process Optimization

What? The Enquiry Experience Tracker is a mystery shopping and benchmarking program designed to help HEIs understand how well they respond to enquiries from prospective students.

Why? eduALTO likes this solution because you get very few objective ways to benchmark against your competitors in your outreach to leads and candidates. The benchmark goes across communication strategy, enquiry channels, responsiveness, and follow-up. Tons of insights to be proud of or to improve upon!

EET Enquiry Experience Tracker
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Lead Success | Digital Marketing Upskilling

What? Digital in Action is a Digital Marketing course based on Action-Learning. Concepts will be learned and applied in a Hackathon format on projects provided by companies.

Why? eduALTO likes this course its essential especially for senior decision-makers to understand the complexities and opportunities of Digital Marketing. Working on real projects captures real-life scenarios and learning. 

Graduate Success | Careers

What? JOB+ enables graduates and alumni to gain visibility to hiring managers where the HEIs career services don't have reach.

Why? eduALTO likes this service because it caters to the diverse graduate profile of every international university. The placement support is strongest where the university is based. Beyond that it fades and here is where JOB+ can fill the gap.

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Student Success | Language Learning

What? Speechsquare is an AI solution to help faculty and students to refine their language pronunciation skills. Developed for 14 languages, it verifies the pronunciation accuracy up to syllables. 

Why? eduALTO likes this solution as it builds on the confidence in delivering conferences and presentations in non-native languages. It is scalable as it requires no human interaction.

Student Success | Social Impact

What? ONNIT is a digital platform to create, manage, and analyze Social Actions aligned with the United Nations SDGs. It measures the contribution of students, faculty members, and staff to the SDGs. Onnit allows the mobilization of individuals through collaborations between universities, employers, and NGOs.

Why? eduALTO likes this solution as it aggregates all social impact initiatives across the campus and the wider stakeholder community of the university. A Social CV showcases individual contributions and achievements.

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Almost there.

While working for universities, we have longed for the solutions now available. Hence, we truly believe that the curated solutions can add value to your institution. You are just one step away to enjoy them!