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EDU (short for Eduardo)

EDU is a great guy!

He is your lead, your candidate, your student, and your alumni.  
He helps you see things from his perspective. 
You will understand why things matter to him. 
On this blog, he will pose questions to which you hopefully have answers
  - or we help you to find them!

Change Perspectives!

Why do I have to pay application fees?

"After long research, Edu, short for Eduardo, finally made up his mind and applied to a couple of universities. What...

How to Trust a New University?

"Edu, short for Eduardo, found that new university in a Facebook Ad: Accredited, affordable, from Europe... His dream...

Why I left the Education Fair...

"Last week Edu, short for Eduardo, signed up for a virtual education fair. 50 universities from 15 countries signed up...