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How to Maximise Time on Campus

Edu is scared... He decided to start his Master's. He took a small bank loan and asked his wider family to support him financially. Will Edu be able to make that expected career jump to meet his financial commitments? How can he boost his profile during his educational journey?

Don't force students to their luck!
Higher education institutions can't make it mandatory for students to go beyond academics.


they should create a culture and opportunities for the students to grow further. Here are 3 ideas for a start:

Student-led initiatives

Instill student-led initiatives like sports clubs, special interest clubs, career-focused groups, or even conferences like the EBS Symposium, the largest student-led business conference in Europe.
Being involved in management roles in those initiatives builds leadership skills and allows to connect with stakeholders outside the university environment. So, if Edu were to be interested in working in Consulting after graduation, he might consider leading the Consulting Club. It provides him with great exposure to many consulting firms. It's different when applying to a role as Eduardo or as the President of the Consulting Club, even more so when Edu has developed personal contacts with partners during his presidency.

Networking Culture

Creating a culture of belonging and a connected campus is important to build relationships beyond the time on campus. Develop events that allow students to engage across faculties to foster multidisciplinary exchanges and connections: break the silos!

Ambassador Programs

To enhance the spirit of belonging, the institution can create ambassador roles. You can use ambassadors for student recruitment and admissions initiatives. Ambassadors can create authentic videos about their student experience. They can help with the onboarding of new cohorts and volunteer in many other initiatives by the institution.

When Edu engages actively, he has the ability to polish his skill set and stand out from the crowd with his extra-curricular activities. Ultimately, he boosts his profile and the likeliness of the envisioned career jump.

There are many more ways to build personal and professional growth platforms for students.


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