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Upskill your Team

Upskilling Initiatives


Inspiring and an eye-opener

University Dean

Thanks for giving us a new perspective on education.

VP External Relations

Very informative and engaging. Learned a lot of new things. Congratulations!

Head of Marketing & Admissions

USC v2 (Square)

The institution is the backbone of all efforts to build a successful university. All learners-facing activities will lack substance when the institution does not support them with overarching projects that assure the reputation, reach, and sustainability of the institution.

Workshop Content: 

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Internationalization
  • Partnership Development


USC v2 (Square) 2

Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Admissions are areas so closely connected that their differences should not be perceived by learners. It's all about a smooth experience to get learners enrolled in any program. 

Workshops Options: 

  • 01 Lead Success [Student Recruitment], 0.5 Days
  • 02 Candidate Success [Admissions / Enrolment Optimization], 0.5 Days
  • Onboarding, 1 Day

USC v2 (Square) 4

Building Community is the theme of these workshops. It is here where lifelong connections to the institution and learners are built. A seamless transition from learner to graduate with ongoing engagement with the community - also for onboarding purposes - is the purpose.

Workshop Options: 

  • 03 Student Success [Student Experience], 0.5 Days
  • 04 Graduate Success [Alumni & Careers], 0.5 Days
  • Community

Upskilling Initiatives

Empower your Team and align them for the next phase of growth!

The dynamic nature of job rotations, the reality of employee turnover, and the ever-evolving educational landscape dilute our collective wisdom. It's imperative, therefore, that we continually rejuvenate our shared knowledge base.

To address this, at eduALTO, we have developed the following Upskilling Initiatives:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Admissions & Enrollment 
  • Alumni & Careers
  • Institutional Development
  • Internationalization
USL 2024 3
Get a brief overview on the workshops and click to dive deeper!


Student Recruitment

Strive to improve funnel actions by adopting a strategic approach and ensuring alignment with the marketing.


Admissions & Enrollment

Revisit the admissions and financial aid processes, analyze the conversion metrics, and enhance the candidate experience. 


Alumni Relations & Careers

Avoid the graduation cliff and build engagement beyond graduation. Be diligent with career outcomes.


Driving Internationalization

Going global requires planning. Build a network of partnerships and drive impactful initiatives.


Institutional Development

Build your ecosystem of trusted stakeholders and strengthen your institutional reputation. 


Successful Universities

A cohort-based online program that condenses all upskilling initiatives into a 3-week part-time program.

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