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Today is my Birthday! Nobody cares...

"It's interesting to observe how universities that have my date of birth ignore my special day. Wouldn't it be easy to just schedule an e-mail with a personalized message?"

This is disappointing! What a missed opportunity! Technology or not, with the right process in place, a simple birthday message creates a memorable moment for the recipient. Just imagine the positive energy you get back from this individual. You can make use of this gratefulness to re-engage in a conversation.

This statement from Edu makes me think about the customer journey which aggregates all touchpoints an individual has with your brand. These touchpoints can be physical (seeing, touching, hearing, smelling), virtual (e-mail, social media, news), or emotional (birthdays, selection outcomes, among others). Did you map out those touchpoints for your "Eduardo's"? It becomes an insightful learning journey to put yourself into somebody else's shoes and view your organization and the impact it creates on Eduardo in our case.

The more universities promote lifelong learning, the more intertwined it becomes with the lifetime journey of your customer. Continuously create touchpoints, and engage, so that you keep being the lifelong learning partner for your customers.

Technology facilitates your customer journey, helps to map out the interactions, and even remembers birthdays. But technology is not the magic bullet. First, there is a need to visualize the customer journey and the experiences it creates. Can you do it?

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