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Eduardo Gift

So generous!

It never happened to me before that I got more than I expected. 

In order to accelerate my academic progress, I utilized my academic year breaks to participate in summer programs at different universities. During my initial two years, I encountered challenges with the registrar's office regarding the transfer of credits earned from these programs. Their stringent policies on credit transfers seemed to prioritize their financial gain. I strategically selected universities based on proximity to friends to avoid the burden of double rent.

However, in my third year, a miraculous turn of events took place. As I braced myself for another potential battle with the registrar's office, the familiar face behind the desk greeted me with a surprising smile. "Good job," she commended, breaking her usual stoic demeanor. It was a moment so unexpected that if captured, it could have easily earned me the title of "Most Confused Face in the World."

I initially sought to transfer 10 credits, but to my surprise, Ms. Smith (whose name I now recall) inputted 12 credits. This was due to the university's partnership with my own, where they offer courses that go beyond what my university provides, accounting for the additional 2 credits recognized. It was truly a pleasant and unexpected turn of events.

Amazing! I didn't even know that my university had such agreements. 


In fact, Eduardo's university had an agreement as part of the Trust Network they built several years ago. One of the benefits of this network is the instant credit recognition for being universities of a similar cluster or simply of trust that the education delivered in the respective institution allows this credit recognition. 

Regrettably, the information about these partnerships doesn't always reach the students who would benefit the most from them, creating a lost opportunity for the student but for the university as well. Any MoU is a scrap of paper if it is not filled with actions and activities.