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2040 University Success

We don't know what the future brings. We don't know what education will look like in 2040. However, the beauty of humans is the capacity to dream, to imagine...

On this page, we recompile our latest Linkedin Newsletter articles on what university success in 2040 might look like. For some articles, we have curated some additional content. 

Keen on reading more? Check out EDUARDO and his perspective on Higher Education. 

Recent articles

Loyalty UniL

To Be [Loyal] or Not To Be?

Have you seen universities with loyalty programs? We neither... may it's time!

Belonging | Graduation

Making Belonging an Asset

What if universities would focus on alumni engagement instead of student recruitment?

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Stay tuned...

Recruiting Overseas Students

Recruiting Overseas Students

Exploring Recruitment Models for Universities.

Marketing Budget = 0

Marketing Budget = 0

Who is bold enough to put a 0 in a marketing budget?

Is Generative AI Disrupting Admissions?

Is AI Disrupting Admissions?

How does AI impact the way universities select students?


The Octopus

What an octopus can show student recruitment & enrollment teams.

Education Wallet

The Education Wallet

Will the Education Wallet be the next big thing with digital credentials on the rise?


Life without Rankings

Will AI and Machine Learning make university rankings irrelevant?

Universities & Success

Universities & Success

What is success? How to create successful universities?


The Value of Degrees

Are universities provide value when teaching degrees?

Li Newsletter Header

Universities & Real Estate

How does hybrid learning impact universities' real estate?

Li Newsletter Header-1

Academic Qualifications

In 2040 are we still graduating with a degree?

Writing application

Rethinking Applications

To be frank, applications are boring. Let's rethink them


Return on Education

Are there better concepts to measure success through ROI?

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