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Return on Investment vs

Return on Education

Considering income generated after graduation as the only measure of success does not express adequately the impact education creates. Can educational success be measured? 

Nonetheless, the ROI is established by many as the TOP or FLOP of the quality of education received.  

The concept of Return on Education (ROE) tries to address this. It adds the Value of Education to the ROI. The value is expressed over 5 dimensions that rebalance the outcome of the learning journey: 

  • A meager salary still can reach a decent ROE if the value is beyond expectation. (for entrepreneurs or graduates moving into NGOs).
  • The ultimate ROE of somebody with a big salary jump will be diminished if the value perceived is underwhelming. 
Now go ahead and check it out yourself. Leave your thoughts here.


Value on Education

5 dimensions that capture the non-financial value of education. 


Connections refer to the network you are building on campus with peers, faculty, administration, and external stakeholders.


Culture refers to the campus culture, the community, and the sense of belonging. 


Experience refers to the journey beyond academics you go through during your studies. 



Purpose refers to the ability of the academic institutions to guide you find your purpose. 


Skills refer to adequate skills development during the academic journey. 


Return on Education Calculator

See the REAL return of the learning journey!

  1. Add the tuition fees, the current income, and the time frame for the calculation. 
  2. Evaluate the education received over 5 dimensions
  3. Click the Get ROE button, and see the Return on Education!
  • Tuition Fees
  • Income
  • Time since graduation (years)
  • Annualised ROx
  • ROI
  • ROE
  • Value of Education
  • Connections
  • Culture
  • Experience
  • Purpose
  • Skills
    Get ROE

Disclaimer: This calculator is not a scientific, research-based approach to the value of education. It should be seen as a discussion starter for a fictitious monetary expression of the return on investment of an educational product.  

In times when the value of a degree is in doubt, this approach might stir the discussion beyond the salary earned after graduation. Feel free to share your thoughts either on the Linkedin Article indicated above or by e-mail to