Align for Growth

You need to grow. 

Are you looking for answers to these challenges? 
* How to build a brand proposition? What is my brand all about?
* How to set up a compelling digital ecosystem?
* How to engage the sales funnel differently at every stage of the process?
* How to optimize your sales and admissions processes? 
* How to shorten the time candidates wait for an application outcome?
* How to support graduates to excel after graduation? 
* How to keep alumni engaged? 
* How to internationalize my institution beyond student recruitment? 

Our expertise in Higher Education will help you to create, optimize and implement processes to bring your institution on a growth path. 

How to Engage?

We can start with a free consultation call to explore how eduALTO can add value to your current challenges. We can further define those challenges and built a roadmap for future actions. 

Build Your Brand

The brand is your identity. It defines who you are as an institution. It creates a frame in which you can move to keep consistency. A brand is complex but small actions can already help to leverage your brand for growth:  

What do you want to be known for? Can you express your brand in 1 word?
Do you have a brand manual? Depending on your internal communication, it's likely that not everybody is using your brand ecosystem in the same way.

Your brand defines your institution but also your stakeholders need to identify with it to become your brand ambassador. 

Achieve Operational Excellence

You achieve operational excellence through analyzing, revisiting, and questioning existing processes. An outside perspective brings an unbiased view of existing operating procedures. This helps to identify the pain points and gaps. Technology is a means to optimize processes. Yet, using technology does not create operational excellence. The right processes need to be in place first.

Excellent processes will help you capture more and better data. This will help you to make more informed decisions and spend your budget better.

Go Global

The Higher Education industry is even flatter after the pandemic. Hybrid learning approaches are not an option but the norm. Hence, the globe is your new playing field for growth.

GOING GLOBAL can mean a lot of things. So, it's important to define the ambition and translate this into action:
Student Recruitment: recruiting students from overseas can be the lowest hanging fruits. Actions need to be measured and defined.
Exchange Programs: establishing links with other universities require your academic programs to be aligned with international calendars. Identifying the right institution becomes the next challenge.
Faculty Exchange: can you receive foreign faculty to teach at your institution? Do you have faculty moving abroad for a semester?
Joint Research: if your academic institution has a research focus, you can explore research projects with other universities overseas.
Connect with your alumni: do you keep track of your alumni? Not all of your graduates stay local. Overseas alumni can help you boost your brand locally.

Many other collaborations with academic and non-academic partners can be explored, to get more established and known in overseas markets.

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