eduGROW covers commercial activities like lead generation and student recruitment, admissions & financial aid processes as well as marketing strategies supporting candidate conversion. These are some projects we have managed in this area.

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Student Recruitment

Defining Market Entry Strategy for US-based university
Developing strategies for all sales stages (Awareness, Consideration, Decision)
Building a social media ecosystem to support the recruitment strategy
Implementing an e-mail marketing strategy

Launching nurturing campaigns

Candidate Experience

Mapping out customer journeys and touchpoints
Emphasizing an excellent Candidate Experience
Creating an open communication channel for candidate feedback
Reviewing and structuring outgoing communications

Admissions Process Optimization

Optimizing the admissions process to reduce application processing time
Building Customer Support function to increase conversion rates.
Creating communication strategies to cut last-minute drop-outs.

Designing country-specific Financial Aid strategies
Redesigning online application

GrowthShops for eduGROW

Workshops for sustainable Growth.

eduGROW Student Recruitment Admissions Process Optimization Candidate Experience

Student Recruitment

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at professionals from the Admissions or Marketing teams who are involved in the strategy, definition, and execution of actions to attract candidates to study for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

TAKEAWAYS You know how to crystalize the unique selling points of your institution and build those into your sales pitch. You will understand the importance of conversion rates and the timing of the sales cycle, You feel comfortable navigating the HOWs and WHATs when reaching out to potential candidates. You will learn how to audit your progress and take action to meet the set targets.

WHY NOW? The competition is never sleeping and always evolving. With more accepted hybrid and online degrees, students have more choices than ever before. Being comfortable with the latest recruitment strategies and tactics is critical for personal success and institutional growth.

Admissions Process Optimization

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at professionals from the Admissions team who are involved in the strategy and process definition of the department. Professionals who have direct candidate contact will benefit from this workshop equally.

TAKEAWAYS You know how to optimize the admissions process eliminating unnecessary waiting times for the candidate. You can balance commercial pressure and the academic rigor of the institution. You are open to leveraging technology to enhance the candidate experience. You are comfortable using financial aid instruments and other tactics to minimize drop-out rates before the program start.

WHY NOW? When a candidate submits the application, s/he is energized to join your university. An uncoordinated, unstructured admissions process can quickly overturn this motivation. Seldom a candidate applies to only one institution and can quickly look the other way even if your institution might have been the top choice.

Candidate Experience

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at professionals from the Admissions and Marketing teams who would love to experience the admissions journey "from the other side".

TAKEAWAYS You know about touchpoints and how to leverage them. You become more time-sensitive when reaching out to candidates. You understand the influencers of the decision-making process of the candidate. You capture the value of personalization in every communication with the candidate. You pay attention to details and use the information provided to create a delightful journey to your institution. It becomes evident to you that the candidate experience doesn't end with the payment of the enrollment fees.

WHY NOW? Switching sides can be a very revealing process. It helps to understand the triggers why a candidate joins your institution or chooses another one. With younger generations having a higher perception of entitlement, candidates have to be won one by one.