eduBUILD helps you to build the ecosystem and encompasses all stakeholders of the HEI: faculty, staff, academic education agents, supporting organizations, corporations, current students as well as alumni. The ecosystem creates the trust and reputation of the institution. Here are some initiatives we have supported.

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Ecosystem Development

Creating a dynamic network of partnerships with academic institutions.
Seeking third-party solutions for enhanced reputation management
Nurturing existing agreements to deepen the engagement

Developing relationships with key stakeholders of the higher education industry
Building an education consultant network
Designing an academic portfolio as part of an M&A project

Alumni & Careers

Developing active international alumni networks.
Creating a nurturing environment among alumni to help each other.
Setting up a local career service support function.
Building trust to gain support for commercial engagement and career development.

Identifying graduate employment networks to gain visibility as institution
Fostering relationships with executive search and corporate recruiters

GrowthShops for eduBUILD

Workshops for sustainable Growth.

Ecosystem Development

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at Deans and Directors involved in developing external relations in the institution.

TAKEAWAYS You see strategic value in developing academic partnerships locally and internationally. You recognize the opportunity to build non-academic relations along your value chain. You understand how to enhance your reputation and institutional trust through third-party validation. You are prepared to build a repertoire of institutional data for rankings and ratings.

WHY NOW? You have a vision and growth ambitions. The current state of the institution might not yet support this vision so you seek third parties that help you craft your story and paint your vision. The strategic development of these partnerships does not happen overnight. They need to evolve and be nurtured.

Alumni & Careers

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at professionals involved in student success and alumni engagement.

TAKEAWAYS You realize that a graduate hasn't reached the end of the interaction with your institution. Instead, you become aware that continuous engagement with graduates/alumni drives reputation and growth for the whole institution. You understand that the value of alumnae is not to win them as a new customer, but to allow them to "give back" in many other ways. You are able to amplify your employer engagement beyond posting job openings. You see opportunities in providing excellent service levels to both graduates and employers.

WHY NOW? It's never too late to engage with your alumni. It only provides opportunities for institutional growth. Start today, and turn your alumni into ambassadors one by one.