Data is the new gold: The more can be measured, the more information can be analyzed, and the better the decision-making process creates more predictable outcomes. In the area of eduANALYZE we managed these projects.

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Candidate Analytics

Defining what and how to measure
Revisiting established processes to create measurable touchpoints
Creating timestamps to optimize process timings
Formulating comprehensive analytics to track the progress of recruitment efforts.
Building dashboards and analytical tools for better information and decision-making
Optimizing the existing CRM system to allow measurements and analytics

Training & Development

Educating teams to work with data to define future actions
Training teams for effective use of available CRM & digital tools

GrowthShops for eduANALYZE

Workshops for sustainable Growth.

Candidate Analytics

Candidate Analytics

FOR WHOM? This GrowthShop is aimed at education professionals who are directly or indirectly in touch with prospective candidates. The workshop is system-agnostic and uses Excel/Sheets as it is accessible to every user.

TAKEAWAYS You get to know your candidates. You will connect the dots from the touchpoints and timestamps you have been collecting during the student recruitment phase and the admissions process. You become aware of the conversion rates across different metrics. You can pinpoint undetected opportunities Similarly, you are able to identify bottlenecks and roadblocks. You are getting comfortable making projections based on data and find value in the visualization of data.

WHY NOW? "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion", as Prof Dr Edwards Deming claims. With data becoming the new gold, it's paramount for any higher education institution to have a system of data collection, analysis and visualization.