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The pandemic disrupted higher education institutions. Online and hybrid learning becomes the new normal. The competition becomes wider as physical boundaries disappear. In this new scenario, growth becomes the way forward. 

We help your organization grow, enhance your brand strategy, achieve operational excellence, and build a global partner network. 

[eduALTO is a word game of education and alto, meaning HIGH in Spanish. ALTO reflects growth but also connects it to higher education]


Dirk Hopfl

Dirk has 20+ years of experience in the higher education industry. He worked with IE University ( IE is one of the most progressive and entrepreneurial higher education institutions. Dirk contributed to IE in different roles:
* Admissions Director
* International Development Director
* Regional Director Southeast Asia

In 1999, IE was a Spanish-speaking private higher education institution. With a combination of growth strategies, IE achieved a diversified student body. In parallel, it built a broad network of partner institutions. IE is now a globally recognized higher education institution.  Through Dirk’s different roles, he contributed to the transition of the institution. He was instrumental in IE's expansion into Asia. Dirk established representative offices in China and India. He moved to Singapore and set up the operation for Southeast Asia & ANZ.

Dirk accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the following areas:

Student Recruitment

Developing strategies for all sales funnel stages (Awareness, Consideration, Decision).
Building a social media ecosystem to support the recruitment strategy.
Mapping out customer journeys and touchpoints.
Creating comprehensive analytics to track the progress of recruitment efforts.
Training teams to maximize the usage of the digital capabilities


Tracking the impact and performance of recruitment actions
Building dashboards and analytical tools for better information and decision-making

Educating team to work with data to define future actions


Streamlining admissions process to decrease process duration.
Building Customer Support function to increase conversion rates.
Creating communication strategies to cut last-minute drop-outs.
Emphasizing in an excellent Customer Experience

Institutional Partnerships

Creating a dynamic network of partnerships with academic institutions.
Developing relationships with key stakeholders of the higher education industry.
Nurturing existing agreements to deepen the engagement

Alumni & Careers

Developing active international alumni networks.
Setting up local career service support function.
Building trust to gain support for commercial engagement and career development

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